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I am pleased to Introduce Mark from Australian Pet Boarding. Mark owns and operates a very professional Dog Training Centre and Pet Boarding facility on the Pacific Highway Between Port Macquarie and Kempsey.

On numerous occasions I have inspected the kennels and cattery and been impressed with the cleanliness and size of the accommodation, the adjoining oversize exercise yards are definitely a bonus that ensures all pets get substantial exercise.

Mark regularly runs puppy school at Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital and continually demonstrates his remarkable ability to communicate with animals. To observe and experience the techniques Mark uses in training reflects positive results without doubt.

Over the years I have referred many dogs with behavioural problems to Mark, be it aggression, barking, house training, socialising or simply curing bad habits. Mark displays a caring confident way of educating the pet (accompanied sometimes with a few subtle suggestions to assist re-education of the owner). The feed back from clients has always been excellent.

Mark lives on site with his own pets and obviously enjoys the lifestyle and job satisfaction that accompanies working with animals. It is without hesitation I recommend Mark and his team at Australian Pet Boarding to you and wish him well with his new Endeavour, Australian Pet Cremations.

Dr Chris Livingston BVSc (hons), DVCS, MANZCVSPort Macquarie Veterinarian Hospital

I know his unique training techniques really do work

It is with pleasure that I recommend Mark and his team at Australian Pet Boarding and K9 Specialist Training Centre. Mark operates a clean modern facility and his enthusiasm for looking after pets is reflected in the behaviour when left in his care.

Well-ventilated large dry accommodation filled with natural light provides a healthy environment for the dogs and the extended exercise / play time daily ensures all dogs quickly become at ease with the surroundings.

On many occasions I have witnessed Marks ability in problem solving with dogs. Having participated in the K9 specialist Training Program with my dog, I know his unique training techniques really do work. Our practice Macleay Valley Veterinary Services often refers clients to him for boarding and problem solving.

The feedback is consistently positive.

Dr Shae Sullivan, (BVSc) Macleay Valley Veterinary Services
I can highly recommend Mark and all the staff at Australian Pet Boarding not only for dog boarding but also training and behavioural problems as well. Both of our dogs stayed with Mark over Christmas, the care was just fantastic and they both came home happy and relaxed. I was impressed by the cleanliness of the kennels and would certainly let our ‘girls’ stay there again.

While they were boarding Mark took the time to work with our Husky ‘Akira’. Since moving from WA last year she was having severe anxiety issues leading to other problems such as constantly escaping and destroying our back door trying to get inside. She was also becoming increasingly aggressive toward other dogs to the point where I didn’t really want to walk her or take her to the beach anymore as it was just too stressful. She was pretty much an unhappy dog.

Mark suggested following up his work by coming along to his training classes. I was a bit hesitant at first imagining us all marching around in a line forcing our dogs to heel, but the classes weren’t like that at all. The classes were actually fun for both dogs and owners!

It was great to watch the change in the dogs over the course. All were happily following commands and had developed really nice social skills with the other dogs and people, which is what you want in a family pet.

We are still pretty amazed in the change in ‘Akira’, we are now able to have her off-leash with other dogs. She still isn’t perfect but at least we now know how to recognize when a problem might occur and how to correct her before a fight starts.

The best bit is she has been able to come off her anti-anxiety medication, and is much more relaxed and affectionate – more like the dog she used to be. We are also able to revisit the classes at any time to refresh our training or just get more advice which is really helpful.

As a vet people often ask me for advice on boarding kennels, training and behavioural problems. After my experience I have no hesitation in recommending Mark and have had only positive feedback from clients so far.

Dr Rachael Blackmore

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Since taking over Australian Pet Boarding in 2007, Mark has made extensive improvements to the facility including the construction of a new cattery and obedience training area, utilisation of skylights to maximum natural lighting, enlarged dog kennels and increased exercise/play-time for the dog at the facility. All positive changes designed to enrich the animals ‘experience’ whilst at the facility.
K9 Specialist Training and Rehabilitation Centre - Dog Training Port Macquarie
Marguerite GrayPresident RSPCA Kempsey

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A massive thank you to Mark and his team at Australian Pet Boarding and K9 Training Centre! My dog Lulu used to be a boisterous and uncontrollable puppy but not anymore!

She has just finished 2 weeks of training and boarding with Mark and his team at Australian Pet Boarding and K9 Training Centre and she is a new dog! The improvements in her behaviour are astounding!

Before her training, I couldn’t even walk her on a normal lead, let alone any of the training/walking aids out there on the market. She now walks alongside me and listens to all of my commands. She is a happier dog and I am a much happier dog owner!

For all of your K9 training and boarding kennel needs (dogs and cats), you cannot find a better business than Australian Pet Boarding and K9 Training Centre 10 out of 10 !

Shandelle Watson

The change in Rampage is incredible – Louise

I have not personally met Mark and the Team at K9 Training Centre. I am “Nan” to my family’s two Rottweiler pups and live on the property with their owners, my daughter, her husband and grand-kids.

Rampage , the male, went to Mark’s two weeks ago. The change on his return is incredible. Bea, the female, went last week so she’ll be back next week. Rampage has gone from a 4 month old lovable terror to a calm, obedient big boy. There is a maturity that was not there when he left us. He now comes when called, sits, drops and stays when told, even if you walk 50 meters from him!!!!

An achievement because our boy would not sit still for 1 second. He will immediately stop what he’s doing and come on command. He no longer does his own thing completely ignoring us but is focused and switched on!

K9 Specialist Training and Rehabilitation Centre teaches the dog so that you can then carry on from the strong foundation that they instil in your dog. Necessary when you have young kids growing up with big dogs especially.

I am amazed Mark! You and your team know what you’re doing. I can’t wait to see our beautiful girl Bea when she returns.

I highly recommend K9 Specialist Training and Rehabilitation Centre

Louise Newcombe

Another happy customer!

Back in 2007 we sent our great dane X to mark he was a big boy with some behavioural issues. I really didn’t know what to do with him, then I found mark and sent him off for 2 wks intense training.

The amazing transformation in his behaviour was beyond belief. Sadly this year he passed away and lived a great dog life. We got an American staf pup know and sent him to Mark at 4 months old for 2 weeks intensive training. He has been home now for a couple of weeks. Our pup heels when walking, sits and stays, drops, comes on command and leaves things when asked. He is calm, good mannered dog and settled. The main reason I sent him was for social reasons and he is a great happy social dog interacts well with other dogs.

I have booked him throughout the year to board with Mark and team as I know he will have a great time. I highly recommend Mark and team and I will be sending any other dogs we get to him for training!!!! Thank you Mark and team!!

Rebecca Brodie Evans-Carter

Would highly recommend any dog lover to K9 Specialist Training and Rehabilitation Centre

Coco our six month old puppy had six obedience sessions with Mark and his Qualified Trainers and she has truly enjoyed the socialising with other dogs. Not only has Coco enjoyed these training sessions, but I found myself amazed at the huge success of all the dogs achieving positive results. Would Highly Recommend any Dog Lover to K9 Training Centre

Robert Landman

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Thank you to Mark and his team. The extra training we organised has been worth it’s weight in gold!
Couldn’t be happier with the progress Rampage has made. Absolutely incredible. He is so calm and responsive.
Toni-Anne Drury
I have a beautiful German Shepherd and tried puppy training elsewhere. I wish I’d gone to K9 Trainers first. Mark gives you the advice you need to hear. The advice that turns a potential problem puppy into a well behaved dog.
Sheila Wallace
Thank you so much to the Qualified Trainers at K9 Specialist Training and Rehabilitation Centre for this mornings training session! We had a wonderful time and all 3 of us learned so much! Look forward to seeing you in the future!
Sue Batham
Thank you guys, my dog is so well behaved now!!! Thank you Mark!
Ash Shields
Took my dog here for dog training, great results. Would definitely recommend.
Stephanie Sanchez

A well trained pup is a joy to own

I cannot speak more highly of Australian Pet Boarding and K9 Training Centre! Mark and the rest of the staff are amazing. They are very helpful and know their stuff when it comes to caring for dogs and training them! I put off getting a dog for our family for years as I have seen too many badly behaved dogs and I was worried about the problem with training.

After hearing good things about Mark and his facility I contacted him for advice about dog ownership and training. He was so knowledgeable and helpful. We then got out beautiful chocolate labrador pup from Mark at this facility. He is a truly exceptional little pup. It’s the best thing we ever did.

He has been back for boarding and training and I am amazed at how well he has been trained and cared for. In only 10 days he has come back perfectly trained in all basic manners, loose lead walking and more. A well trained pup is so joyful to own and I am so greatful that we found Australian Pet Boarding for this very reason. It has made being first time dog owners so easy.

Our pup has become a part of our family and when people meet him they are very impressed by what a well breed and perfectly behaved labrador he is. All credit goes to the K9 Training Centre for this! Thank you Mark and the team!

Aisha Spokes